RI5544The audible version of the Blood in the Rain is ALMOST finished being recorded.  Did you know that professional voice talent is only allowed to work for three hours?  Did you know that one story takes approximately an hour to record but takes about five hours to edit?  Add in colds–a voice can change dramatically with illness, weather, and life…well…things take longer than you think they’re going to.  Still, we’ve hit the 3/4 mark on the recording.  I’m hoping we can finish the raw recording by the end of April, finalize the edits by the end of May and have the audible version available soon after.

We had so much fun with the first volume, Mary and I have decided to edit another volume of Blood in the Rain! Here’s a link to the submissions guidelines.  http://bloodintherain.com


Loving the image above? :  © Renascence Images / The Peacock Mirror

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