Erotic Teasers, Coming February 2019

I’m so excited to have another story in one of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthologies. Bösendorfer Blues is one of those stories that percolated for a long time before I ever wrote anything. When I was purchasing a piano for myself, I had the pleasure of playing a Bösendorfer concert grand that was in the store where I was shopping. One of interesting features of this brand is that there are 92 keys on a Bösendorfer vs. the 88 on all other pianos. These extra keys are at the bass end of the piano. The reason for this is that a piano’s overall resonance is greatly enhanced by having more/longer strings. They are also painted all black, not white, so as to not confuse a pianist as those keys are rarely, if ever, played. I have to say, the physical reality of playing loud and heavy chords on such an instrument is exhilarating and the impetus behind my story.   (Erotic Teasers is available for preorder in print on Amazon. It will release in February 2019.)

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