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If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers Out Soon

What's not to love about this gorgeous cover of "If Mom's Happy; Stories of Erotic Mothers?"  I'm so excited to be part of this collection. It will be available on May 1st, 2017, just in time for mother's day. If you are interested, and don't want to forget about it,...

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Blood in the Rain 3!

Yes. You read that right. We're ready to accept submissions to Blood in the Rain 3, to be released in October 2017. If you've got an erotic vampire tale to share, it's time to get cranking. Or editing if you've already got one written. Check out the official call at...

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OMG, I totally forgot to post about BITR2?

I'm horrible at blogging. Or updating. I hate this part of the writing business because of the technical stuff involved. I like to write. And I love to read. And I love connecting with people who enjoy the same. If you want to receive updates via email, please...

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The Audible Version of BITR is Available!

I know, Blood in the Rain 2 is about to hit the shelves and the audible for BITR 1 is finally available? I've blogged about the audiobook process a few times. The fact that our studio was available one evening a week for a couple of hours, plus our talent work 'real...

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Aren’t You Done Yet?

I get this question about a lot of different things. "I thought you started that book five years ago." and "Weren't you knitting that last time I saw you?" are variations on a theme. Most recently, I've been pinged a few times by folks who are excited to share the...

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Seriously, CC? More vampires?

The audible version of the Blood in the Rain is ALMOST finished being recorded.  Did you know that professional voice talent is only allowed to work for three hours?  Did you know that one story takes approximately an hour to record but takes about five hours to edit?...

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Why Vampires, CC?

My first attempt at editing an anthology came out last week.  When my co-editor, Mary Trepanier, and I first sent out the call for submissions, I didn't know what to expect. And, I've been asked by friends who know I write erotica, "Why vampire erotica?" My answer is,...

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Big Book Of Orgasms–also a reading in San Francisco!

It’s finally here.  Yay!  That this is the first story I’ve written with homo-erotic elements makes it extra exciting for me.  Most of the stories I’ve had published have been pretty much straight hetero and mostly vanilla.  Okay, Birthday Boy, (Cheeky Spanking Stories) has a touch of Discipline in it, but is still pretty tame.  Being a cis-female, I have focused almost all of my stories on the female characters in my story.  They are virtually all female POV, so this was a fun stretch for me.  The thing is, this is an AWESOME collection of stories.  So, it’s worth getting if you want some quick hot moments over the next few weeks.  69 stories that are likely to get you off in many happy ways.  (Disclosure:  Click the link below to purchase, and I actually might make a couple of pennies.)

If you live in the Bay area, check this reading out!   No, I won’t be there, but ten of the other authors will be–it sure sounds like fun.  I love going to author readings because you get to hear their voice and how they punctuate and stress their words.  Sometimes it changes how I experience a story completely.  

From a review on Amazon:

In the foreword of this hefty anthology, Barbara Carrellas writes:
“Orgasm is an adventure, a surprise. No matter how many orgasms you’ve had–or how few–the potential for new and different orgasms is just one erotic encounter away.”

This collection of short, powerful stories, each under 1,200 words, shows how many different routes there are to the ultimate goal of climax and release. There are stories by relatively well-known erotic writers and by newbies in the field, but each of these stories is a polished gem of condensed excitement. Here are stories about long-married couples reviving the spark of their honeymoon, sex workers and their clients, same-sex couples, gender-bending threesomes, near-strangers getting to know each other in ways that will never be repeated, and solitary masturbators.

In “Hard Knocks” by Malin James, a woman tells her boyfriend: “You absolutely cannot make someone come just by spanking them.” He responds to this challenge by showing her that spanking alone, done with enough skill, can indeed lead to orgasm. In “Book Lover” by Donna George Storey, a woman has a tryst in a bookstore, where she is pushed over the edge by the smell of a well-used book. In “Beer and Orgasms” by Jeremy Edwards, a woman is only able to let herself orgasm when she can no longer resist the urge to pee; her understanding boyfriend arranges for her to do this without ruining the furniture.

Several of these stories involve the orgasmic stimulus of music. In “All You Do Is Play” by Annabeth Leong, a clever woman shows her musician lover how to “play” in more than one sense. In “Piano Man” by A.M. Hartnett, a male musician brings a female fan to ecstasy after his performance before they have even left the club. In the more over-the-top “By the Beat” by T. Fox Dunham, “Mr. Wolf” helps “Ms. Peacock” to reach orgasm with the help of a metronome, a relentless device that can’t lose its rhythm.



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Big Book of Orgasms–Agree to Review for Free Copy!


I’m looking forward to the release of this anthology. My story, The Big Cat, is my first piece with homoerotic elements to be published.  I’ve shied away from writing m/m erotica mostly because I don’t have a penis.  I reminded myself that writing is all about fantasy and making things up–so why not let go of my pre-conceived worries about having the appropriate genitalia and have fun with it?  

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is currently signing up Amazon reviewers for The Big Book of Orgasms, for print copies (US only) or Kindle editions – people should email her at orgasmantho at gmail.com with either their U.S. mailing address for a hard copy with “Amazon” in the subject line or their email address for the Kindle edition with “Kindle” in the subject line. By doing so, they acknowledge they have an Amazon.com account they’ve made a purchase from before, and that they are willing to post their review within 6 weeks of receipt.

Details about how you can get your free copy and be a reviwer, can be found at Rachel Bussell’s blog by clicking here.  (But act fast as she’s only taking 100 volunteers.)

Here’s a complete table of contents. I am so proud to be found in such awesome company!

Foreword: Foreplay: Figments of Erotic Imagination by Barbara Carrellas

Introduction: Orgasm Is Just the Beginning The Beginning, B. D. Swain

How You Christen a Bed  Thomas S. Roche

All You Do Is Play Annabeth Leong

Hard Knocks Malin James

The Gallery Exhibit Chris Komodo

White Preston Avery

Matinee Suleikha Snyder

All Talk Jenna Bright

Scarecrow Giselle Renarde

In Her Hands Tenille Brown

Remote Control Logan Zachary

Weathering the Storm Salome Wilde

Hellfire Valerie Alexander

Her Lover Is a Flame Cecilia Tan

Me Vengo! Mistress Kay

Count Out the Strokes Virgie Tovar

Steamy Tess Danesi

Payback Emerald

Come On Monocle

The Pink Team Kelly Rand

Headache Sherry Reid

Pushing Boundaries on Public Transport Victoria Blisse

Runner’s High Sam Angioli

His Three Conditions Medea Mor

The Morning After David Salcido

Look at Yourself Maxine Marsh

Do It Again Sinclair Sexsmith

Under the Table Elizabeth Coldwell

Light Sleeper Mina Murray

The Big Cat Cecilia Duvalle

Opening Doors Thea Landen

Baxter’s Boy Xan West

Suds and a Two-Piece Bathing Suit Brantwijn Serrah

The Jeffrey Factor Stella Harris

Chains of Love Lily K. Cho

By the Beat T. Fox Dunham

Icing on the Cake Lula Lisbon

The Massage Lady Cheeky

Feast for the Senses Riley Shane

Squirt Evoë Thorne

Piano Man A. M. Hartnett

Out of Control Crystal Jordan

Tantric Home Dominic Santi

Queer for Mike Shane Allison

Meeting Cute Vanessa Madison

Cheryl Andreas Amsterdam

Beer and Orgasms Jeremy Edwards

Sullied Innocence Neve Black

The Rub Jon Fulton

The Park Elise Hepner

Coming Together: The Elusive Simultaneous Orgasm Jade Melisande

Meeting Myself Anya Levin

I Am Not Cruel J. Sinclaire

Cooling Agents Marina Saint

Seeing Is Believing Heidi Champa

The Velocity of Roaches Michael A. Gonzales

After the Funeral Jeanette Grey

There Sommer Marsden

Forced Orgasms Shoshanna Evers

Blue Jean Baby Eleanor Proctor

Learning Experience Kathleen Tudor

A Teachable Moment Walter Pratt

The Flogger Jade A. Waters

Book Lover Donna George Storey

Tied by Red Kay Jaybee

After Party Drew Griffiths

I’m on Fire Rachel Kramer Bussel

Should You Ever Be Allowed to Feel This Good? Lillian Ann Slugocki

The Final Challenge Heather Day

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