Vegan Sex

I picked up January’s issue of Veg News on a whim while at the grocery store the other day. I was flipping through the magazine when I saw an advertisement screaming “Vegan Sex.”  My attention was immediately focused.  I’ve been relating ‘eating a vegan diet” to, well, food and not much else.  I sometimes forget there is this whole other environmental and animal sensitive thing going on with “Vegans.” The ad that caught my attention was for The Sensual Vegan.   

It had never occurred to me that there were vegan considerations when it comes to sex.  I mean, for me it’s all about the food.  I have leather seats in my car and wear shoes made of leather.  The idea of not using other animal products isn’t something that really crossed my mind. But, for a lot of my friends who identify as “Vegan” this is something that they probably think about.  Many Vegans eschew products that are composed of or use animal products in their manufacture.  Some go so far as to not eat honey because, well, bees are somehow exploited in the process.  

I’ve mostly got a bemused head-scratching thing going on.  Most condoms contain some amount of casein, a protein derived from milk.  Many lubes contain the dairy-derived enzyme lactoperozidase.  The Sensual Vegan offers   Many Vegans don’t use birth control pills because they’re tested on animals.  You’d think there would be some sort of population boom given the lack of easily accessible Vegan-friendly birth control products out there. 

Moving into the toys section, the site sells a small variety of phthalate-free silicone toys.  I’m guessing the phthalate-free note has more to do with correlated Vegan-oriented environmentally friendly issues because phthalates are not an animal product or by product. 

The Vegan Sex Shop sells a larger variety of items than the Sensual Vegan does, including my favorite LELO brand of vibes.  Both sites donate proceeds to charities.  The first lets you choose amongst a variety that include PETA, Human Rights Campaign, Code Pink and Vegan Outreach.  You get to choose the charity of your choice with each item.  The Sensual Vegan site donates a percentage of sales to Scarleteen a site that reaches teens with sane sex advice.

When it comes to bondage gear, VeganErotica has a broader selection than either of the other two online stores.  This shop sells things made out of”Lorica”, a synthetic leather imported from Italy.  Their bondage gear looks to be several steps more esthetically pleasing than either of the other two sites. They also sell the Lorica in bulk–so you can buy it and make things yourself–as well as some of the hardware.  (The photo on this post is one of the sets sold at VeganErotica.)

I also googled “Vegan Sex” and discovered a whole movement that I am not really interested in being a part of.  Try it yourself, you might find it an interesting search.  


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