Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Wow. This is one of those movies that has been on our list for a long time.  We ended up watching it as part of our “let’s only watch fun, romantic, feel-good movies this month” plan. When you have people aging in range from 15 to 50, it can take a long time to agree on watching anything.

After about half an hour of looking through trailers, I was about ready to agree to anything. I thought this movie was going to be completely trite, but it wasn’t.  Sure, there were a few aspects that are predictable, but there are also a few twists.


My 15YO male child said that this was the best movie of the 2000s.  While that might be a little bit of teenage hyperbole, it speaks well of the film. This is definitely family friendly and heart-warming.

If you haven’t seen it yet, put it on your list. Better yet, get your butt in a comfy chair and watch it tonight!


And, whatever holidy you’re celebrating this season, I wish you well and a happy new year.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

I must have a slightly twisted sense of Christmas Spirit…I love, love, love, this movie. It’s funny, charming, scary, and sweet all at the same time. If you have never heard of the Krampus before, you might want to google it before atching the movie. The Finns have a decidedly less jolly fellow to deal with in their cold dark winter.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some people would argue that this isn’t actually a Christmas movie, but…isn’t a holiday movie something you personally associate with a holiday?  Since I first saw this before Christmas, it will always feel like a Christmas movie to me!

The Mistletoe Inn– a review

I was at a writing retreat recently, so we decided to watch this movie as a lark. After all, it was about a romance author going on a writing retreat. Most of the women in my writing group do not write romance, but the writing world is so badly portrayed in this movie that any writer will laugh their heads off at the horrible dialogue and the overall cheese of this movie.

On the other hand, the movie offered on its promise of sweet holiday romance. Hey, just because I write erotica doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy lighter fare when it comes to the sexual presentation on the page or screen. The truth is, I thought the  story was absolutely pat and enjoyable at the same time. Story fast-food. No worries about things being angsty. No real tension in the story. You can watch this puppy knowing who is going to end up happy together in the end within the first five minutes. But that’s the beautiful thing about romance. It’s cheery. It’s happy. It’s predictable. It’s exactly what we want when we are weary of the real world around us.

With six writers on the sofa, all the major plot points and reveals were easily pointed out ten minutes into the movie. The acting was laughable, bordering on groan-worthy. Christmas romances must have a snow scene in them, right? Of course, this one took place with the lead actress wearing pumps and a skirt while falling into totally fake looking snow. Add in the CGI snowbanks in the New York City scene for even more eye-rolling enjoyment. And, it being on Hallmark, there wasn’t anything more sexual than a little kiss at the end of the movie.

The only saving grace of this movie is that it’s hysterical to watch with a group of fellow writers who understand the mis-steps and completely off-base comments about our industry. At one point, a key-note speaker gives a two minute lecture on her favorite writing trick which involved putting lights and ornaments on the tree with the angel on top being the perfect point of view looking down on the story. I hear the book is WAY better. 

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