First Time Anal Fun

It never gets boring to see a new story in print.  I’ve been having a lot of fun writing to various calls for submission that come across the Erotic Readers and Writer’s Association page.  Sometimes I just answer a call to see if I can write on a subject matter with enough conviction to be plausible and/or enjoyable.  At other times, I write something because I HAVE to.  I have a number of stories that I would never have written if I hadn’t seen the call for it, and this is one of them.   So, if you enjoy reading about some rather fantastical and some rather down-to-earth first time anal experiences, go ahead and buy the book.  It might even make a great stocking stuffer!   (And yes, if you click on the link I’ll get about eight pennies for it as an affiliate.)

When I switched to writing as an intended (eventually) profession, I realized that it couldn’t all just be for kicks anymore.  While most of the writing I do under this pen name is just for fun because I love writing erotica and, now I’ve been told, erotic romance, I have found the rigor of picking at least one call off the website every other month to be a fun challenge.  I even wrote my first scene ever with two men recently.  It was more fun than I thought it would be!   Turning something you love doing into work has its challenges, though.  I love writing, and have always enjoyed telling stories.  Now, I’m involved in writing longer pieces the work load has quadrupled.  There are so many more things to keep track of in a novel than in short stories.
I love the short form, and I have several short stories simmering away at all times.  I tend to write a rough draft, save it and ignore it for a few weeks.  It gives me the chance to come back to it with a refreshed attitude and dig in for some editing.  Usually, what comes out is something pretty close to where I want it to be.  I’m lucky to have a couple of friends who also write erotica and don’t mind giving my stuff a look over.  (Thank you!)  They always find something I miss. 
Given my frequence of posting lately, I doubt very much I’ll be doing any more blogging here in 2012.  Here’s hoping your holiday season–whatever you celebrate–is peaceful and joyous and that 2013 finds you in good health.  XOXO

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