Banned Reading


Gaijin, by Remittance Girl
I’m pleased to narrate this disturbing tale for Nobilis Erotica.  Initial podcast airs March 18, 2012.
When Jennifer left the cold and damp of London for the sparkle and bustle of Tokyo, she imagined she’d find a world full of cherry blossom festivals, ancient tea ceremonies and Geishas. What she got instead was a cramped, shared apartment, harassment on the subway and a mind-numbing job as a hostess at the Blonde Chick Bar in Roppongi. 
With a single, unintentional insult all that changed. She wakes up to find that she has been kidnapped by Shindo: a sadistic Yakuza demi-god who doesn’t take his loss of face easily. Caught between his hatred of all things foreign and a growing obsession with this blonde gaijin, he is determined to make her pay for her rejection in sadistic and degrading ways.
`A woman’s lot is to endure,’ says the fox spirit in her dreams, but Jennifer wonders whether there are indeed fates worse than death. Little by little, she finds out.
One reviwer on Amazon says it well: 
“Have I’ve read more erotic or arousing stories? Yes. Have I read more brutal and severe stories? Yes. But have I read a story that conflicted me more, that made me sit with an almost painful and sad feeling on my chest and think about it after reading it? No. Gaijin pulled a deep emotional response from me, an uncomfortable feeling that I would find beauty in its darkness. Gaijin is many things: dark, poetic, smart, and brutal, but most of all, confusing.”

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