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Cwtch Press is a new independent small press that published my first anthology–Blood in the Rain.  I work as editor in chief, so yeah, I guess it’s sort of self-serving. But, Cwtch is actively looking for novella and novel length erotic stories.

Duotrope Duotrope is a cool site that lets you search a variety of criteria for your piece including content type, pay scale and genre.

ERWA Call for Submissions The Erotic Readers and Writer’s Association seems to keep pretty up to date with various publishers.

Erotica Revealed is a review site that “Seeks to uncover the good, the bad and everything in between in contemporary erotica.”  It’s sole purpose is to review erotica literature of all stripes without pulling any punches.

Elliquiy Adult Roleplaying Forums Elliquiy is the largest adult role-play site on the internet. I was looking for a place to learn how to write erotica, and this is it. While role-play is an interactive game/writing experience, there’s nothing like it to get into the mindset of a variety of characters and settings. The community of Elliquiy provides a very safe feeling place to explore sexuality in all forms. Please don’t click this link unless you are over 18. Thanks! World Enough and Time Another roleplay site that is a sister site to Elliquiy. It is also adult roleplay but has a slower pace and is a smaller community than Elliquiy. Also, it’s a 21 and over site.

Circlet Press Circlet looks for fantasy and science fiction themed erotica.

Changeling Press Changeling Press publishes Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Cyber-Punk, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Time Travel, BDSM, and Fetish Club Love Stories.

Catch Press is a new press. My first editing gig is with them, and Blood in the Rain is soon to be released.

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