About Cecilia Duvalle

Long legs

Cecilia Duvalle is a pen name. I chose to develop a nom de plume to protect my children from the embarrassment of having a mom who writes about sex and having everyone know she writes about sex. Not everything I write has erotic elements. I remember picking up an Anne Rice novel that was originally written under another name. I was expecting a vampire or witch story and what I got was one of my first glimpses of BDSM . I happened to enjoy it immensely, and I can probably credit the accidental picking up of “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” as an awakening of sorts.  (I know Rice’s work is not particularly realistic, but for fantasy and a first experience it opened a door.)   However, with that incident in mind, I’d like to reserve my regular name for the writing that is considered more “mainstream” than that which I will present to the world under the name of Cecilia Duvalle and to save my children the embarrassment of being “that mom.”

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