Busy Writing Sex

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting my first story on TingleMedia. It’s a new website that I think you will find fun. You buy stories that are sent to you on your wireless device. Since I’m busy working on this shorty story, I haven’t spent as much time here, writing about writing sex as much as I’ve spent actually writing. I’ll be sure to post here when the story is up and ready for you to purchase. And, yes, purchase. Each story is 69 cents, so how fun is that? A little tidbit I wanted to share now, since there is still a week left of masturbatory fun left before the election. Dan Savage ecnourages people to masturbate to Christine O’Donnel until election day. If you find Christine O’Donnell even remotely appealing, I encourage you to do so just for fun. I was all excited when I heard that someone was asking for suggestions for the O’Donnell sex act ala Santorum, or Saddlebacking. I personally like the idea of using the term for something that messes up or stops an act of masturbation. As in: I woke up Sunday after a really hot dream and moved my hand down between my legs to finish off what the dream had started. Just as I was getting into it, the cat knocked yesterday’s cold coffee off the dresser and O’Donnelled me. 



 I am officially proclaiming myself as pro-masturbation. There’s very little when it comes to sex that I can even think isn’t “natural.” When I see such ridiculous rhetoric coming from someone running for public office, I get angry. I don’t care if you are morally offended by me masturbating. If you don’t like playing with yourself, that’s your loss. But get the fuck out of my bedroom and my head. While I can’t quite get that excited myself over Christine–she’s not my type–I hope others will feel motivated to at least try.

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