There’s little more that can send my stomach into paroxysms of angst than hitting send on a submission email, or the occasional thick envelope with the dreaded SASE.  I hate rejection, even if it’s couched in positive language.  I know other writers who have gotten nothing back or just bare-boned form letters, whereas I have gotten personal letters (in addition to the rubber stamp.)  These typically include words of praise followed by a reason why the agent/editor/publication is not currently interested in a particular piece.  I am often invited to resubmit with something else that fits x,y, or z theme.  That’s all fine and good, but it’s still rejection.  I’m just recently warming up to the notion of writing to someone else’s theme by culling the various markets for upcoming anthologies and the like.  

Additionally, using a pseudonym has it’s downside.  I chose to use one because my daughter freaked at the notion that I was writing erotica and that her name could possibly be linked to “that sort of thing.”  She fully intends to be a writer and doesn’t want to sully the family name with erotica.   There’s that, and the fact that I sometimes write about kinks that are off the “vanilla” scale.  Many of the things I write about, I’ve never actually experienced.  (See my rational for using the imagination  



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