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The internet is simply buzzing about the latest policy Paypal is enforcing.  The general consensus is that Paypal’s reasoning is simply a cover for what amounts to puritanical censorship.  Erotica writers have been quick to cry foul and claim persecution, vendors have been split between simply pointing the finger at Paypal and speaking to their own moral agenda. 












The second thing I’d like you to consider is that although this state of affairs affects writers economically, there are relatively few of us. Who it hurts most, by far, are readers who should have a reasonable expectation of having the freedom to choose what they want to read and how, within the bounds of law, to spend their money.

It is very easy to make this about us – the writers. But please be rational about this. It is not easy to find people, especially influential people, who are going to be willing to stand up and defend a group of writers who dabble in fictional descriptions of incest, bestiality and rape. They should, yes. But they won’t.

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