I’m calling the site Writing Sex, but I won’t actually be putting much sexually explicit writing on here. I’m going to be blogging more about the process of writing sex for erotica and how sex influences my life. It’s everywhere and, like the proverbial pink elephant, it’s not talked about much even though it’s taking up a lot of head space. It’s one of those verboten subjects that create tension and uncomfortable feelings along with raised eyebrows. All the while, we are OBSESSED about sex. (At least I am.) I think about sex an awful lot, and it’s not because I’m not getting any.

I’m a happily married woman whose husband would blush with the glowing recommendation I’d give him and his performance between the sheets (even when no sheets are directly involved). But, I do have an imagination that takes me beyond the…erm…every day normal. And, I enjoy writing and thinking about things that I’d never physically be capable of or would really do in real life. Writing is an outlet for that creative and imaginative sexual life that is either unacceptable or not attainable in my real life. I delve into themes and activities in my writing that I don’t even find to be a personal “turn-on” as much as simple exploration. Sometimes it is merely a writing exercise, “Can I even write about this?”

I expect I’ll post about being a parent who (OMG!!!) has sex even though the children are already born. My daughter once looked at me and said, “So…Mom…You have me and Davy*, that means you and dad have had sex twice, right?” I burst out laughing, but in some ways I think that’s about all my daughter could safely imagine at the time. She’s old enough now to know better, but none of us really want to think about our parents having sex, do we? Now that I’m a parent, I don’t realllly want to think about my kids thinking about what my husband and I do behind closed doors. (More on that in another post.)

In short, I will be musing on being a woman, married with children, sex, writing erotic novels, writing in roleplays, and general topics about sex.

*Davy’s is not really my son’s name, duh.

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